Who is Hindi Zahra?

Hindi Zhara is a singer based on Franco-Moroccan songs.


New Releases

Moving to France and Starting the Career

At early 1990s, Zahra moved to France and started the musical career as a back vocalist in a music band lead by renowned singer Spleen and Hugh Coltman the guitarist. Before she could able to start on her own, she practiced singing with such a musical team. As Zahra is not only the singer, but also she is a song-writer. In 2005, she completed writing 50 lyrics and the Beautiful Tango, Oursoul, Try, and Stand Up were released on her own-written piece. 11 songs were recorder for Zahra’s first album Homeland.

About Hindi Zahra

She was born in Khouribga, Morocco on 20th January, 1979. She is also a leading actress. Hindi Zhara is popular as an actress for her leading role Rakel on a successful Moroccan film named The Cut. But mostly she is known for her singing expertise. Since 2009, she has been involved with Pop, Jazz, Soul, Folk, Berber music and Blues. The main influencer singers of her singing career are singers like Cheikha Rimitti. Mostly, she has been compared with singers like Manu Chao, Patti Smith, Norah Jones, Beth Gibbons, and Billie Holiday. Most of her song written in English, but she also sang on some Berber language lyrics. One of her popular songs Imik Si Mik’ is a Berber song.
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Early life & Family


Hindi Zhara was born in a native Moroccan family. Her father was in the military while her mother was a staying-at-home art enthusiast. Hindi Zahra’s housewife mother also had acting and singing interest. Thus she grew up hearing to all kind of musical genres which included from rock to traditional Berber folk. Hindi Zahra was also able to taste Bollywood songs. As a result, the influence of Oum Kalsoum and Cheikha Remitti had their moderate effect on her in her early ages. Canada transit visa processing time